About Me

It has been a long absence and while I don't think I have anything of real value to offer the Neteraty perhaps I should start jotting down some notes here for general consumption instead of keeping them close to my chest.

[You're still here? ... let me try and put you off some more]

I've been working at EMB (now Towers Watson) since 2003 developing financial modelling software.  Most recently I proposed, designed and lead the development of a grid environment within which a variant of our workstation product could be executed.

I develop software.  I'm not a project manager ... I just write software* and sometimes I even find myself enjoying it.

*ok, I design, architect, develop, manage, test, present, support as well, but we don't need to worry about that here

[Great, now everyone thinks I'm so dull that all I can do is write software.  To be fair, writing software allows me to enjoy a great time with my family and friends, but I won't trouble you with the exciting and fun side of my life, just the mundane parts of my job ... this blog is going to be a cracker can't you tell?]

That said, I still think I do have something to say about software development which you may just want to hear.   As you may have guessed the 'senior' part of Senior Software Developer could also refer to my great age.  I'm surrounded by bright young things flying off in all directions.  I like to think I can offer them sage advice and help guide their contributions so they're both focused and fulfilling for us all.  Failing that, we all get stuck into some new technologies that we can have some fun with.

I suspect I'll be using this blog both as a cathartic release and as a way of documenting snippets of my day where my internal monologue goes along the lines of:
[fx: sigh] That was tricky.
If only I'd known what I do now before I embarked on that voyage of discovery.
I'm sure I'm not the only one, let's share.
[As you can see I can't write tag lines either]

My role does require me to do a bit of research along the way so if I can, I'll try and share some of my experiences.

I'm hoping you will find a post that will save you some time, perhaps inspire you to bigger, better, simpler and, above all, rewarding things.

Let's see where it takes us.